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Build and manage display ads
at any volume

with the PaperG creative management platform.

Why use a creative management platform?

Benefits of Programmatic Creative

PaperG provides creative scale by eliminating the high costs, slow turnaround time, and siloed production usually required to build ads for a multi-screen campaign.

Our unique approach to creative management empowers designers and non-designers to work together to create a high volume of quality ads where it previously wasn’t possible.

1. Manage Your Creatives

PaperG man

Use content and design libraries to save time and maximize design options.

Organize your creative assets and templates for use by your entire team. Optimize your campaigns from a centralized platform.

2. Draft Designs

Enable creative scale through elegant, multi-device design templates.

Multi-format designs allow anyone—regardless of creative or coding skills—to create high-quality, cross-platform ads in a streamlined workflow.

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3. Edit Creatives Simultaneously

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Build ads of multiple sizes at the same time.

Designers, when you need to exercise full creative customization, do it faster, because the ad builder does repetitive work for you.

4. Publish Ads

Distribute ad creatives to your preferred inventory.

Run ad tags on your own media or seamlessly push out the campaign to our programmatic inventory.

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Sample Premier Inventory

AppNexus Google Microsoft Nexage

Sample Compatible Ad Servers

Doubleclick OpenX Yahoo APT! Atlas

5. Report Performance

PaperG Ad Reporting
  • Find out how your ads are doing beyond just clicks.

    Get screenshots of your ad running live on select websites.
  • Performance
    Count how many clicks and engagements your ad received.
  • Delivery
    Keep track of how many impressions your ads received.
  • Map
    Visualize where your ad viewers and clickers came from.
  • Optimization
    See which of your ad units is doing the best.