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Programmatic media changed ad targeting.

Programmatic creative will change ad designing.

What is programmatic creative?

Benefits of Programmatic Creative

Programmatic creative is the automatic compiling and formatting of ad creatives.

Programmatic creative enables marketers and designers to build new ads without the normal delay of manually producing new creative for every iterative format, size, and message.

Just as programmatic media buying reduced wasted impressions, programmatic creative aims to reduce wasted time on making each ad impression delivered.

1. Auto-Collect Digital Assets

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Aggregate content from the advertiser and content library to save time and maximize creative options.

Type in the advertiser’s name or URL to automatically retrieve their website content, brand content, and related stock content. This mundane process would take days before but now just takes seconds.

2. Draft Designs

Produce multiple ad designs using collected assets to wow clients.

The PaperG design library includes over 50 designs that work for all sizes and formats. Placing auto-collected content into the designs, PaperG can help you draft ads instantly.

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3. Edit Creative

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Change content, design, or anything about the ad simultaneously across formats.

Save a lot of time in editing by making changes apply across all the ad units you need to produce rather than starting over for each unit.

4. Publish Ads

Distribute the ad creatives to your preferred ad inventory.

We make it easy to get ad tags to run on your own site or seamlessly push out the ad tags to programmatic inventory.

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Sample Premier Inventory

AppNexus Google Microsoft Nexage

Sample Compatible Ad Servers

Doubleclick OpenX Yahoo APT! Atlas

5. Report Performance

PaperG Ad Reporting
  • Find out how your ads did and impress your clients with all that you know.

    Get screenshots of your ad running live on select websites.
  • Performance
    Count how many clicks and engagements your ad received.
  • Delivery
    Keep track of how many impressions your ads received.
  • Map
    Visualize where your ad viewers and clickers came from.
  • Comparisons
    See which of your ad units is doing the best.