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Ad tech should be easy to use for anyone:
Marketers, Designers, Sales, Ops, etc.

Ad Creation

PaperG designs multi-device ads instantly and simultaneously.

Types business name and address

Step 1: User types in business name and address

Gathers content

Step 2: PaperG gathers related content from the web

Designs ads

Step 3: PaperG designs ads in multiple sizes using content

Publish ad to multiple platforms

Step 4: User edits draft and publishes the ad to web + mobile

Ad Targeting

PaperG gets your ads from an ad server to the right user.

Ad Server

PaperG generates ad tags, suggests targeting, and then distributes ads.

1. Generates Ad Tag

Example: iFrame ad tag for auto dealership

2. Suggests Targeting Criteria

Example: Car buyers within 15 miles of Arcadia, CA.

3. Distributes Ad Tags

Example: Automatically trafficks ads to real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges.

Sample Premier Inventory

AppNexus Google Microsoft Nexage

Sample Compatible Ad Servers

Doubleclick OpenX Yahoo APT! Atlas

Ad Reporting

PaperG has the best reporting capabilities
for small and medium sized campaigns.

PaperG Ad Reporting
  • E-Tearsheet
    Get screen shots of your ad running live on select websites.
  • Performance
    Count how many clicks and engagements your ad received.
  • Delivery
    Keep track of how many impressions your ads received.
  • Map
    Visualize where your ad viewers and clickers came from.
  • Comparisons
    See which of your ad units is doing the best.

Common Questions

Who can use this technology?

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers can now scale display ad management. Within those organizations, marketers, designers, sales reps, and ad ops can all benefit from the simplicity of PaperG.

How many people use this technology?

100+ publishers and agencies work with PaperG. 10,000+ advertisers run their campaigns through PaperG. 100,000+ ad campaigns have been run through PaperG.

What sort of ad campaigns is this for?

Organizations running micro-targeted ad campaigns with budgets $25,000/month or less can best benefit from our simple ad management platform. Examples include: local ad campaigns, re-targeted campaigns, limited promotions, etc.