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Over 100 publishers and agencies choose PaperG.

Over 10,000 advertisers trust PaperG.
Over 100,000 campaigns run on PaperG.

Clients Include

Success Studies

PaperG localized ad campaigns.

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PaperG increased creative performance and volume. As a result, Charter saw a 141%+ higher performance for its shopping advertisers.

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PaperG increased ad sales. The Mercury News saw a 316% ROI.

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"PaperG has definitely helped digital sales. It is nice to be able to show the customer an animated ad and be able to email it to them or take my laptop and show them the ad" -Cara Stewart

"I can build a digital ad exactly as I see my customer's wishes. With PaperG, I get the ad to them right away, and my clients really gain confidence in our product." -Lisa Taft

"I have had success with enclosing a PaperG ad in every proposal. I include a tag line of 'I have created a mock ad that can be customized to your needs. Your ad will run across desktop, mobile and tablet at a combined rate.'" -Jodi Barlow