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The Programmatic Creative Company

Build cross-platform ads rapidly and at volume, without sacrificing creative beauty or edit control.

Our award-winning platform

An ad engine to put Mad Men out of business

Literally changing the way the business of marketing is done

A simple way to create and serve digital ads

Presto, it creates a display ad

How does it work?

Auto-collect assets, design ads, and publish cross-platform in minutes, not days.

Types business name and address

Step 1: Input advertiser or URL

Gathers content

Step 2: Auto-collect assets from advertiser and content library

Designs ads

Step 3: Design ads for multiple sizes, formats, and devices

Publish ad to multiple platforms

Step 4: Publish ads to standard and native display inventory

Who uses it?

100+ Publishers & Agencies

2,000+ Active Ad Creators

100,000+ Ad Creatives Built

How easy is it really?
See for yourself!

Building an ad now takes just a minute to start. PaperG automates the repetitive tasks of collecting assets, laying out elements, and formatting designs to work across sizes, formats, and devices.

In the news

Look Ahead: Making the Transition

April 1, 2014

Editor & Publisher recently chatted with CEO Victor Wong about PaperG's growth, including a preview into our new ad creator, which significantly expands our programmatic creative capabilities.

A Startup Disrupting the Digital Ad Industry

January 31, 2014

Fox Business interviews PaperG co-founders about how the company started and what lies ahead for the business.

PaperG brushes off competition from Google, continues to grow profitably

October 21, 2013

President Roger Lee shares insights with PandoDaily about PaperG's recent growth and what's in store for the company.


LSA Conference

April 27-29, 2014

Stop by our booth at the LSA conference and get a first hand look at how PaperG can programmatically create beautiful digital display and social ads across devices.

BIA Kelsey: Leading in Local

May 7-9, 2014

Come see CEO Victor Wong take the stage at the BIA Kelsey Conference as he discusses how brands can better target their creatives at the local level.

Digiday Programmatic Summit

May 14-16, 2014

Join us at the Digiday Programmatic Summit where we'll showcase how PaperG can help you auto-collect assets, design and publish ads across platform in minutes, not days.