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The PaperG Creative Management Platform

Customize, collaborate on,
and learn from your display ad creatives.

Our award-winning platform

Literally changing the way the business of marketing is done

A simple way to create and serve digital ads

Presto, it creates a display ad

Why PaperG?

PaperG lets you attain creative relevance without
increasing production costs.

Customize your advertising

Customize your ads with relevant messaging without increasing associated costs and time involved.

Collaborate across teams

Collaborate across teams to accelerate the creative process.

Learn from your campaigns

Learn from every campaign
through reporting and optimization.

Who uses it?

100+ Publishers & Agencies

2,000+ Active Ad Creators

100,000+ Ad Creatives Built

Advertising makes the biggest impact when the creative is relevant.

To make your ads meaningful, you need a fast, simple and scalable way to create and customize your creatives.

See how PaperG ensures that build costs, turnaround time, and the volume of ad production don't stop you from having ads that resonate.

In the news

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January 31, 2014

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Look Ahead: Making the Transition

April 1, 2014

Editor & Publisher recently chatted with CEO Victor Wong about PaperG's growth, including a preview into our new ad creator, which significantly expands our programmatic creative capabilities.

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October 21, 2013

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Advertising Week

Sept 29-Oct 3, 2014

We'll be out in force at this iconic NYC conference. If you're based on the East Coast, this is a great week to meet face-to-face.

Digiday Agency Summit

Oct 20-22, 2014

Stop by our hangout and let's talk about how PaperG can give your agency a competitive edge.

Programmatic IO

Nov 17-19, 2014

A conference to address the "depressing lack of art to go with the science of data-driven placements." Of course we're going.